Antient Žemaitukas horse

Imagine the period when the most common source of light in the darkness was a beeswax candle. When even most noble people used to travel on the horse back. When life of a warrior in the battle was very much dependant on a small sturdy horse courage and stamina. There was a time when war chiefs discovered undeniable truth that war horse must be small, corageous and very much maneouverable. This truth is supported by oppinion that most closely related equine sport discipline to war cavallery is polo sport.  Exclusively aristhocratic game is very much similar to old days strugle for survival on the battle field. Every time being near antient Žemaitukas horse I feel blessed to be with them as with the living proof of glorious days of medieval victories. Lets save them for future generations to come.

Alūna - grynakraujė žemaitukė