Horse riding

Horse riding was never less valuable than it is now. In old days the atribute of wealth and status pure bred arabian horses and thoroughbreds are still very much valuable now. Horses that will never agree to be a living inventory or stubborn means of transport, ask not much. Just mutual respect and connection with the rider. In return it gives us unforgetable sence of oneness with the horse, which can grow into endless friendship. Just ten generations ago bred in the desert arabian horses are still the same loyal to their rider being able to carry to the death if allowed to. Thoroughbreds- horses of the kings, superb equine athletes, the perfect infusion of arabian blood into the best english racemares. Although not the first day mounts thoroughbreds are easily aproachable in our stables.

We invite everybody to discover horses. It is not difficult to learn to ride a horse, but to connect with them takes some time. Take one step at a time, do not overestimate your own physical ability and be true to them. Horses are very intelligent animals, taking their calmness from the calm rider. Be gentle with them.

We do not use whips, sticks or spurs.

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