Horse training

Horse training often called horse whispering earned veil of metaphysical link between horse and human being not without reason. We must admit that not everybody can train horses, because not everybody can gain trust between humans, not mentioning cooperation with sensitive animal like horse, which has main instinct to fly away confronting the danger. Horses are sensitive and often more intuitive than humans. Sometimes we underestimate sensory abilities of horses or maybe our reliance on new technologies leaves us in an endless circle of errors dealing with those noble creatures. In fact dealing with horses everything depends on trust and sensitivity to recognise horse abilities. So it happened that horsemen earned their experience by painfull errors, started to encircle their knowledge by the veil of secrecy, which in turn is just a deep trust between horse and human, that is the outcome of tedious observation and hard work.


Knowing all that isn’t hard to explain why sometimes so difficult to chose a person to train our horse and why it sometimes takes so much time to feel totally sure of our decision. On the end of the day all horses are personalities and different ones. Many times even most skilled horse training masters can’t be sure whether they going the right way in recognising particular horse character so the relevant schooling methods could be applied. And it is all understandable knowing how many dissapointments they face in learning to understand horses. We reccomend to take part actively in your horse schooling process, because this is a part of hard everyday work to raise well trained good mannered sport horse. Observing horse schooling and training  the observer familiarises with practices that might be usefull in the future to maintain and polish further horse manners and skills. If everyday commitments are not allowing  you to take part actively in your own horse training process, leave it in our hands. We school, train and race pure bred arabians and thoroughbreds. Sometimes it is just a different thinking, because horses are different, demanding other schooling and training methods from those that are used in continental warmbloods.